What We’re Reading: Just My Type

Time for the first of what I expect will be many brief reviews of typography books I’m reading. I’m not one for reading extensive reviews—especially if I haven’t yet read the book myself—so I shan’t be making my own reviews into essays.

Simon Garfield’s Just My Type is a light-hearted and entertaining read on the origins of movable type, the colourful histories of famed type designers, and quick-fire accounts of some of the world’s most famous (and infamous) typefaces.

Though it’s credibility as a reference book is questionable, the book is certainly accessible, and entertaining even to those who haven’t already been bitten by the typophile bug.

If you’re new to the field, this book will take you from typographically curious to scrutinising menus and shopfronts, just like the rest of us obsessed individuals.

Well worth a read for type enthusiasts and design amateurs alike. Buy it on Amazon.